How do I use "effects" on Sprites?

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  • I can use the built in effects on layers just fine, but it seems the GUI lets you add effects to sprites, too!

    Only... I can't see any of the effects on the sprites.

    For instance, in the "Ghost Shooter" demo, the Player sprite has two effects on it: "Glow Horizontal" and "Glow Vertical".

    They start at 100, but it doesn't seem to matter much; I can change the values as often as i'd like and I see no real effect.

    Any suggestions?

    Anyone else see this?


  • You browser and/or GPU might not be able to display it. IIRC rendering an effect on the whole layer is a different process than rendering it on a single sprite. Try updating you graphics card and try other previews methods

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  • Thanks, I'll try that. It's odd, honestly. The alpha-blends all work fine, just not the effects.

  • Just to finish up, I updated my graphics driver, and it works fine. It's hard to tell with some effects, but others, like emboss, certainly are visible.

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