"Disappearing" Objects in Preview

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  • .CAPX: https://www.dropbox.com/s/2hwhp2d1hp4d8c9/RaceTheRadar%20v%201-6.capx?dl=0

    Using r192 beta

    I'm using an object - ObjInvisibleSolid (see folder ThanksEd / Ground & Objects / Object / ObjInvisibleSolid ... Look for the blue with yellow stripes sprite) with the Solid behavior. This is to help set large boundary areas. Presently, the .capx has the objects set to visible by default while I was trying to troubleshoot, but they're meant to be invisible.

    The problem I'm having is that I discovered the object's Solid behavior acting nonfunctional. I checked EVERYWHERE - in every event sheet - and I cannot find what's disabling the Solid behavior. Upon further evaluation (after setting the object to visible and running a new preview), I discovered that at some point they're getting RESIZED, almost to the point of being nonexistent, which is not supposed to happen.

    Would someone please look it over and help me see what I'm missing, please? If you could point out its location I can make the fix. Thank you.

    For ease of navigation, all event sheets are labeled with an "E..." and layouts with an "L...".

  • Well, the only place you are setting the size of the object is in event sheet "E Racetrack", on event 3 and 5. Just search for ObjInvisibleSolid, it comes up.

    Anyway, in one place you are just setting the solid to a fixed size (20,326), but your other action is setting one dimension to the following value: "RoadStrtTunnelLong.Height". That's the only place I can see where something could go awry.

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  • Thank you, That was the issue, alright. I THOUGHT that that was applying to JUST the instances being spawned at that time. I now learned otherwise. I added the appropriate For Each to fix it. Thanks again!

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