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  • Either this is a bug or I am simply doing something wrong, so it may belong in the bugs section instead.

    I have it so that when you put your cursor over 'New Game' and 'Level Select' on the main menu, they turn white and then turn back to black when you take your cursor off of them. The problem is that it isn't working for 'Level Select' and I can't see anything different about the two different lines. I also have a few other instances of this command and they all work except 'Level Select'.

    Mouse | Cursor is over "blahblahblah" | Set font color to rgb(255,255,255)

    Mouse | Invert Cursor is over "blahblahblah" | set font color to rgb(0,0,0)

    This is what the 'New Game' one looks like. the 'Level Select' one is the same except I don't have an invert to it right now because I deleted it. There's no point in the invert if the original command wont work

    I can't give out the .capx because my rep isn't high enough, sorry.

  • I'm bumping this. Sorry if that isn't allowed, but I still haven't found a solution. Is this a known bug or am I doing something wrong?

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  • Use ELSE instead.

  • Like:

    Mouse | Cursor is over "blahblahblah" | Set font color to rgb(255,255,255)

    ELSE | set font color to rgb(0,0,0)

    Also, make sure that the text box boundary is not huge. If the mouse is anywhere inside the text box boundary (no matter how small the text is) it will be considered "over" the text box.

    See this: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B-xiqK ... sp=sharing

  • Going back to black (0,0,0) isn't the problem. It's going to white (255,255,255) that it's having trouble with and its only that one line of text. And the text box isn't big either. I will try to make a video of it

  • You can post a URL by making it obviously bogus - add a semi-colon in front to trick the URL checker.

  • Yeah I just have to record the problem

  • Post the code.

  • Sorry I just saw that, so I made a video already. You can see the coding from the video.


  • Use ELSE for both Mouse over events to reset.

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