How do I "Create the game using mainl code?"

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  • The title says it all.

    one of my programmers likes to create using mainly the coding and i have no idea how to do that but im sure you can becasue someone who once helped was able to get into and figure out my whole game without opening it

    please if you can point me in the right direction itd be helpful thanks

  • What do you mean with mainly code?

    While making a game in construct 2 almost everything can be done and adjusted through events.

  • Ahh I know what you mean, you want to code instead of clicking all together.

    In you project you got for every event sheet single .XML (Projects/Project/Event sheets) ignore the .uistate.xml files they are just for c2.

    The code is pretty easy, but changing just there the code is proud to failure cause you often missing something.

    If you ask me, better do this in c2. You have there also commands like press a to add new action and so on, this pretty feals the same like real coding.

    And with an good theme it also looks like that ;)

  • Thanks i know i think its much easier to do it the normal way but i want the option to be open to my other programmer.

    I know the xml is useless ive shown it to him a buncha times hoping its what he wanted lol but clearly its not i just want a way to see it if you know anyway to see it that would be helpful

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  • Go to the installation folder for Construct 2, then find the exporters folder within. Open htlm5 folder and you will see a good portion of the base Javascript code used. I think that's what you're asking about?

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