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  • I wanted to have my platform character move a limited amount each time the user presses an arrow key. The idea would be to press the arrow keys multiple times to keep the character moving. Holding an arrow key should not have continuous movement.

    The why I tried to do it was to disable platform movement after a small wait period, each time the arrow key is pressed. This is a horrible solution, since it disables jumping along with it; which I did not want to ever be disabled.

    Is there a way to have this sort of "burst" movement; without impacting the ability to jump?


  • Here is some food for thought, not sure how helpful it will be.

    Ok, so when you disable platform behaviour jump is disabled because it is a part of that behaviour 'Unless' you give your player a custom made movement not tied to the platform behaviour.

    Or, how about giving your player a bunch of variables like; "Ismoving" , "IsJumping" etc. That way (when your player is moving) you move you could set your variable to "Ismoving = 1" and then set it back to "0" when the movement is finished.

    All you need to do then is add a condition to the movement action that "Ismoving" must equal 0 for the movement to occur.

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  • How do I go by creating a custom made movement? I'm new to the engine. I would still want to keep platform jumping behaviour. It is also important not to use physics.

    Variables will have no use for me, until I figure out how to disable movement independently from jumping.


  • I figured out what my biggest problem was with this issue. I did not know that you could default platform default controls off. Now that they are off by default, my simulation controls are now respected.

    It's unfortunate how the obvious things can set you back so many hours. :P

    Thanks again

  • Thats good to hear,

    Haha yeah i know what you mean, on the forunate side (in my experience anyway) persistence is often rewarded :)

    Looking forward to seeing this platformer.

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