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  • Hi Guys !

    i think i will become crazy soon

    this is my problem, when my character hit another one, i would like to freeze the game x millisecond

    so actually i simply ask "Under some conditions" to set the timescale to 0

    but for a reason i don't understand yet, from the moment the timescale value =0 , even if in my code i said

    "on freezed = 1

    set timescale to 0

    wait 0.3seconde

    set time scale to 1

    it not work at all , i'ts like the timescale 0 not allow me to turn back to 1 simply as i want

  • From my experience, when You set timescale to 0, "wait" command doesn't work or in other words - it works with the infinite slowdown. Try to set timescale to 0.01, but then drastically lower wait seconds, as it will be multiplied by 100.

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  • rozpustelnik , first at all thanks for your time ! yes i i set 0.01 it work but the rendering result is not what is expected

    what is strange is i can switch the time scale by pressing a key touch but i can't switch with a variable who ask to wait

  • Perhaps you can get away with changing the particular objects timescale instead of projects timescale

  • rozpustelnik , hey after some hours finally i've found the solution to use the Timescale 0 and be able to set the timescale to 1 later, the solution look like a trick for me but it work perfectly and it's robust , the solution consist to use the wallclocktime system expression, and create a global variable who will store the wallclocktime + X time value , don't forget to reset to 0 each time the variable

    ok that's done for me on this topic

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