How do I use "All Preloads Complete" Condition

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  • Hello everyone!

    I m struggling with the All preloads complete condition, as it ALWAYS have a True value. I am making a rhythmic game, so I have a "Preload Music" in the menu Event sheet, and it only should go to the "Game layout" when all preloads completes. The problem is that it always go instantly to the game layout (and of course music havent been preloaded). I need this because if i dont preload the music it starts like 20 seconds after it should (Of course it only happens the first time the layout is loaded).

    Thank you for reading, I will posting a .Cap example to see more clearly what is happening.

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  • Correct me if I'm wrong but pre-loading music just doesn't work. Instead what you want to do is "pre-play" any tracks you would like in to play in the previous layout. Give them the tag "loading" for instance and set their volume to -100. Then simply stop them playing when the normal version starts to play.

    I should also note that setting the volume of two tracks doesn't seem to work on iOS. Instead you should change the playback rate to 0 to accomplish the same thing.

    Hope this helps!

  • First, thank you for answering so quick. So, I m not doing nothing wrong? Is this a bug?

    Also, I m wondering why it also happens using an apk. I exported the project using Intel XDK, and it also takes time to load the music. I thought it took time because it was streaming it from a server, but then why it also happens playing with an APK?

  • If I remember correctly, it's not that it doesn't load, it's because music requires a touch gesture on the current layout to play. Unless it's already playing of course. It's sort of a bug, but more a workaround for a bigger bug.

  • Ok! Thank you, I will use your workaround and hope it work!

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