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  • when using "AdmobAds" dose "show banner ad" bring back hidden banner ads or dose it just crate a new banner ad?. and if it dosnt bring back hidden banner ads dose "Hide banner ad" destroy the ad?

    im just worried about Admob getting mad at me for requesting a new ad every time i want to change layout or hide the banner ad. im getting like 50-100 impressions from one person in like 5 min because i want to re show the ad every time the player dies....and im not sure if thats ok

  • it just show the already received ad. your ad only refreshes when you request new ad(forgot the Action that does this). or when ADmob automatically refreshes it for you i think its set to refresh every 60 second by default

  • iv checked and its a new ad every time time i use the "show banner ad" command. it bounces between at least 6 different ads. and my impression go through the roof from one visit to my app and im the only one with it

    if i dont hide the banner it dose change every 60 seconds but if i use the command show banner ad its always a different ad even if i already hid an ad.

  • that's odd i'm not having that issue with ether of my games. can you post a screenshot of you ad events you so we can check them?

  • im not sure but i think the version on google play has a preload banner on player death. i added it to speed up the banner load time but i tried it with and with out the preload and it worked the same both ways. it mite show the same ad a few times in a row but it always changes and well bellow that 60s mark

    and the game can be found at https://play.google.com/store/apps/deta ... s.phlyfish

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  • i mite just be being dumb ....maybe its normal to get that many impressions that fast from one person.....im just not sure if admob would get mad if i get to many impressions from one person in too short of time?

    and im getting far more impressions from one person then i did with cocoonjs witch makes me think im doing something wrong

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