How do I "3D" tilemap

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  • So I have a randomly generated map (all works fine)

    The quick example below shows two ground levels, 0 and -1, separated by a yellow wall, just like in, for example, nuclear throne game (I hope the 5 years old drawing is clear)

    This is ONE tilemap generated, so all the tiles are at the same level, the red object is the player who, obviously, dont want to be inside the wall (black arrow signal in the picture)

    How can I fix that? Do I need to build another tilemap for the walls and send it to the bottom of the layer (z order) while the rest of the terrain is on top (so the player cant be seen through it)?


  • Something like this generally is best done with 3 layers. One layer for things always over the player, one for things always under, and one for objects that can change (adjust their z order based on y position).

  • And what about performance? does it not consume much more to have 2 tilemaps? or is it the same? (will find out by my self, but a little explanation is welcome)

    Thanks for the help

  • It shouldn't be much of an issue. You aren't targeting mobile, are you? All bets are off with mobile, but with pc you'll be just fine. I have a ton more than three layers in my game.

  • Yeah, I dont mean layers, I mean several tilemaps, one layer and tilemap for tiles under the player and one for tiles over the player

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  • There is no difference other than you having a harder time in the editor from placing your tilemaps on different layers or on the same. Putting them on different layers or the same doesn't change rendering or anything. Tilemaps aren't some huge cpu or gpu hog or anything, either, so don't be afraid to use more than one. I'm pushing far more than that in Courier.

  • Thanks! I forgot to tell you I already did that, it works perfectly

    Thanks a lot!

  • Thanks! I forgot to tell you I already did that, it works perfectly

    Thanks a lot!

    Hah okay good! I look forward to what you make with it!

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