How to make my Quizz game?

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  • Hi everyone,

    I am Jordan, french student, new on construct 2 and i need your help for my project.

    I want to make a "quizz" game but i don't know how. I read a lot of tutorial but they are not for my project.

    My project :

    "4 pics 1 word" is a good example for my project.

    The people need to find the "word" for the picture and to write it on a textbox (without letter like "4pics 1 word", but with the keyboard)

    I hope you understand what i want, and maybe help me in my project. I want to know the best way to make my game ( frame, array? How to verify and validate the answer of the player ?)

    Thank you all for the futur help,

    Sorry for my english and my syntax,

    have a nice day !

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  • Although the beginner-tutorials may not be about what you would like to make, they give you a lot of insight on how programming with construct 2 works.

    Do you know how to work with events, conditions, global variables, instance variables, instance picking among others?

    If not, please try to follow some tutorials, if so, what are the specific issues you are running into at this time?

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