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  • Hi All, I haven't been here or used construct in over 2 years so I'm a little lost and feeling a little foolish.

    I want to create a Quiz style game, but what would you suggest for the options/answers box? A drop down list or a button per option?

    Basically what will happen is a person will select an option per question on the questionnaire for example:

    What are your Hobbies:

    a) Relaxing

    b) Swimming

    c) Reading

    After say 6 questions it will give you an answer of a person with these same interests that you have, or even better, will go to a specific Layout, say a layout with a name like a Layout called "David"

    Could someone perhaps give me some guidance/suggestions on how to do this?

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  • I feel that if all your answers are just one word, then the List control would be sufficient for offering the user the choice of an answer while showing them what the answers are. Then just have the question as the text of a Text Plugin.

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