Is my quiz for diagnostic purposes, feasible in Construct 2?

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  • Hello everybody!

    I work at a education startup that is also a social business. Here we have the need of a software that diagnoses the cognitive performance of a child at the literacy education period (is this the right term for a kid that is learning how to read and make basic algebra?). They range around 6 and 9 years old.

    For each school year, we have a packages of questions, that sums around a total of 400MB. We can afford making one "game" per package, but the ideal scenario is the one that enables the user to download each package separately.

    We have tried some authoring tools, like Captivate, but the performance was trash and we had a huge load of bugs and obstacles. There were so many workaround, that we could just write our own software. Now, that's exactly what we'll do.

    The requirements of our software/game are:

      1) It has to play a intro Video; 2) It needs to have a tutorial, teaching the basic mechanics of the input method (touch or mouse, no keyboard); 3) It needs at least 4 types of questions: drag and drop, multiple choice, virtual keyboard (one for numbers only and one for letters); 4) All questions has a audio with a vocal instruction; 5) All answers are based on buttons (with text or image), not bullets, nor check boxes, nor pure text, etc. When clicked, they play a feedback audio, accordingly with the choice; 6) The quiz has a tree structure, kind like a directed graph with costs on the edges. We group regions of the graph into different difficulties and the user goes from one region to another, depending on his performance of the previous questions. Note that almost 1/3 of the quiz is never accessed; 7) Some answers have an audio that plays the sound that the element of the image produces, or tells what is written on the text; 8) Some objects needs to have an ID, so we can track the interactions on a database, later.

    The content of the questions already has a default structure, based on folder organization. This structure should be created from another software, that records all metadata on a database in our server (can this software be made with Construct 2 too, for better GUI?).

    Because we go to schools that has no Internet Connection for all computers (Windows) / tablets (Android, mostly), it needs to run OFFLINE.

    Some schools, has only tablets with less than 1GB of storage available - oh, did I mention we're from Brazil? - so we have this "streaming" idea - where the user downloads the possible questions he could go next, while answering the one he's at. Dunno if it's something feasible to achieve in Construct2, as I couldn't conclude if the topics below are directly connected with our case:

    So, do you guys think it's something we could accomplish all of this with Construct 2?

    Thanks in advance.

  • Yes to all unless you plan on having thousands of audio files as the second thread references.

    However if you do, it would now be more feasible as you can now edit the files into larger chunks and basically fast forward to a specific audio.

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  • Thanks for the answer!

    Sorry about the delay, too.

    We have at least 500 audio files per questionnaire.

    I see now, however, that we CAN stream files from URL, because delays are despicables.

    We'll make a MVP to decide what we'll do.

    Could you explain how we can do a fast forward in a audio file? Is there a pointer-like variable or something like that?

    Thanks again!

  • You would need to make your own list of times for where it is, and when to stop.

    From the manual:

    "Seek to

    Seek a currently playing sound to a different location in the audio file. The time to seek to is given in seconds."

    The system wait action would work for the stopping mechanism, or a timer behavior on another object.

    I should also say that 500 audio files by themselves might be ok, as long as you don't try to load them all at once into memory.

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