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  • Hi all,

    I've started my learning today, and as my first project I'd like to create

    game similar to Qilox (http://www.mindjolt.com/games/qilox?nav=action).

    There are several differences tough, I'll have levels with more obstacles and more opponents, but what I want is to have "one color" on top of the image that is hidden bellow, and when "dot" (sprite) cut's the peace of "colored" area, original image will be displayed.

    I'm kind'a photographer, but as the whole world have same / similar galleries on their websites, my idea is to create a game showing my photos from my country.

    So, I managed to create "levels" (Layouts), but I totally do not have idea, how to make my sprite "leaves" a trace, that this trace is "active" until it connects to "safe" area, and how to destroy just the part of sprite that is missing.

    If anyone can help with suggestions / examples, I would appreciate because I'm stuck right now and have no clue what to do next :)

    Tnx!! :)

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  • I decided to have a go at this type of game using only the included plugins so it can potentially be uploaded to the arcade.


    capx: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/5426011/c2/boxsplit.capx

    The events are not very well organized and I probably should have added more comments, but at least it works.

    My approach was to slice a sprite up into smaller sprites, then do a flood fill from the balls to find the isolated areas.

    One flaw it has is the green can sometimes clear prematurely. This is caused by an incomplete flood fill. You can increase the repeat count in event 53 to make a incomplete fill less likely.

  • R0J0hound your capx is nice:)

  • R0J0hound But weird thing is happen. I try upload this project on dropbox: dl.dropbox.com/u/44710358/pic/index.html

    and nothing gonna display

  • Wow :)

    Actually you did everything I asked :) Tnx!!

    I've checked, there are quite few bugs occurring, black ball sometimes get's out of green area, and percentage of green area decrease even if nothing is moved (sometimes), but I'll see how can I fine tune it and use it.

    Tnx a lot, it really looks good! :)

  • delgado

    It is a bug with the export with r81.

    Bug and workaround here:



    Those bugs all stem from that one bug I mentioned at the end of my first post. Change the repeat in event 53 from 20 to 100 and that should reduce the occurrence. What needs to be done is a proper flood fill algo that fills completely in on tick.

  • Yes :)

    I was bit overexcited so I did not read your post completely in first reading, later on I figured out that it is already explained where and why :)

    But, I'm looking at your example, and must admit, I still don't get it :)

    Why do you have to use Wall is visible - Set die to 1, then again set wall not to be visible, and set bx to 1 ...

    I'm trying with when "enemy" (ball in your case) is colliding with "wall", but as wall is invisible, nothing happens - does it mean that it must become visible in order to collide with ball, and then you make it invisible again ?

  • When the walls or "neg" objects are visible and collides with an enemy the player is killed (moved to his last outside position).

    When the "neg" objects are invisible the enemy bounces off them.

    The "neg" objects are made invisible when the player moves on & off the green, and they are done being used to cut up the green.

  • Hi R0J0hound,

    I have strange problem, and as I still don't really understand how some details work, I'm not able to make it work properly.

    So, If you can take a look.

    Basically, I've re-copied your steps (one by one, but you did all so there is no place for invents :)) ) but my game is not working.

    I have following problems:

    • I get red box around my player (and you do not get anything like that around your ball
    • My trace does not plot a line, but rather just leaves some fragments when i change direction
    • when I cut "imaginary" part (one that was supposed to be drown) I get some spots and even the code blocks and crashes my browser.

    Can you please take a look.


  • I haven't had a chance to examine your capx. It need to be near exactly the same to work correctly (eg. event order/expressions). My suggestion is to just take my capx and make changes to it so it's like your game.

    For bigger window sizes the only things you need to change with the events is the clamp expressions. Right now they are "clamp(something, something, 1000)", just change the 1000 to some number bigger than the width of the window. Also in event 56 part of the expression is "576*416", that is the original width/height of Sprite, and should be changed to whatever size you make it.

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