How do I quickly make a lot of events into sub-events?

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  • Hello! I have a lot of events on my event sheet, but I've just realised that they need to be sub-events of one larger, controlling event which I have just created. What is the easiest and quickest way to make these events into sub-events of the new, controlling event?

    Sorry about the number of 'events' in this post!

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  • Happens to me all the time. Unfortunately to my knowledge, the only quick solution is the ctrl button and selecting all the main events and moving them all together.

  • Thanks! Luckily it was only about thirty events so it didn't take very long. The problem with the drag-and-drop event sheet interface is that it is hard to tell where events will be put if you do drop them - sometimes it just picks up the conditions and drops them into another event!

  • Actually it is very easy to tell it where to go. When you are dragging those events, if you want to put it as a sub event, drag it into the grey rectangular area right below the event codes. It will know you want to make it a sub event.

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