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  • I'm trying to learn how to add quick time events to a bit runner type game. I want it to where when the player swipes up to jump over the obstacles along the path I want it to hit a coin in the air to show that they are entering a quick time event and to land successfully they must complete it.

       If they fail the quick time event the player will die upon hitting the ground.

    While in the quick time event I would like the bike the player controls to do special moves so if they miss a quick time event such as swipe up left right or down or tap fast enough they hit the ground without the wheels facing back down and die.

    I know this a lot to ask for, the most important thing on the list is the quick time event it self. I'm thankful for every ones time so thank you in advance for the help.

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  • You should probably use grouped events for this.

    put all the events related to the running part in a group and disable it when quicktime should start.

    put all the events for quicktime in a group and enable it when needed.

  • Thank you so much! I'm new to Construct 2 and you've explained well enough for a newby to understand. I've got how it should work in my head, now to transfer it into my game. Hopefully once I've got it mastered I will write a tutorial on quick time events in Construct 2.

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