Quick HighScore problem.

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  • Ok My highscore works as long as the app is running on my android phone, but everytime i close the app the highscore resets.


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  • You need to use webstorage plugin. Somewhere there is a tutorial, but cant find it. If you sign up with Clay.io, you can use there plug ins. its pretty easy. Or else there is a leader board plugin.

    https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/421 ... oardsr.zip

    I found It! you can get it from me ! Good Luck!

  • TheDom

    I have both the clay.io and the leaderboard plugins. I like the webstorage and thats what I am currently using, it saves the HighScore as long as the games is running, but when I close the app its not saved anylonger. I'm sure im missing a piece of code someweres

  • I had a similar problem, but don't remember the particulars. However the Clay.IO worked great when tested, just remember to check not to invoke login option on your Clay.IO dashboard. Wish I had more to help. Good Luck

  • ok thank you TheDom , Hopefully someone else can know what Im doing wrong

  • anyone have a solution?

  • rex plug ins has a number of data and storage plug ins that you might employ. He has a freeze layout plug in that lets you save the layout or non globals... I was thinking you might save and persist the score only

  • I am using this logic

  • well I get a NAN problem if I dont use int(WebStorage.LocalValue("Highscore"

    I also use Score > Highscore | Set Local Key to "Highscore" to Score

    And every thing works, you can try multiable time and it works, its just not saving the Highscore to the phone, its like saving it just in that session. I dont understand it.

  • matching yours to what mine shows in my zombiy flyer type game i have on start of layout

    webstorage | local key "highScore" exists System Set HighScore to WebStorage.LocalValue("highScore")

    you can view mine here to see, i crossed out stuff that doesnt apply/wasnt setup just yet


    Game works on computers/my tablet and does save the score

    Hope that helps, I know setting up the scoring to work was the worst part for me, or at least the most frustrating

  • sotak I'll try that and see if I can get that to work, I'll post back in a few hours with the results

  • sotak ok that did the same thing. I wonder if the problem is with the Else set Highscore to 0 ? cause when i close the app and start it again it keeps resetting Highscore to 0

  • bremen It probably something small like mine was once i got it working

    You can take a look at my full config here, ive added comments to most areas i feel are helpful.

    Not sure if it works without it, but I have my global number HighScore and Score, as well as the local key HighScore, the exact same, as they are case sensitive.

    you have both Highscore and highscore...so might be some cross there

    Only other thing i can see from that image is you have it ***

    Set highscore int(Webstorage.localvalue...etc

    Not sure if it works with the int? mine is just "Set HighScore WebStorage...

    https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/146 ... flyer.capx

  • sotak ok thanks again, I'll test it and get back to you, mine is almost identical just a few minor differances. I have changed a couple little things hope it works.

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