I have some questions!Pls help :cry: :cry: :cry:

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  • Please forgive me English not good! I was a beginner. I have some questions! Pls help

    this is my file "https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/8544444/test_1.capx".

    I try to input CocoonJS in iPhone4 and android.I have two problems!

    1. very low performance on the phone! But on screen only a few object! How can fix it?

    2. In the picture "Sprite" will appear error! If use png picture is OK! !

    If "Fullscreen in browser" change "Scale outer", iPhone can fix! But android can't.

  • You're using four plugins there that I don't have. I strongly suggest that you remove them and re-upload your file if you expect people to help. It's also possible that those plugins are causing your issue.

  • Thanks you! GeometriX

    I use Construct 2 "Demo game: Space Blaster" input to CocoonJS experiment (no plugin) .But the results also very slow, only 8 to 15 fps!for my iPhone4 and LG android.

    How to improve?

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  • There are loads of threads about this exact topic. Just do a bit of searching on the forums and you'll see this question has been addressed many times before.

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