Questions about the NW.js export and it's Chromium browser

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  • Ok, so I noticed if I pull the Browser.URL while using NW.js it is using a chrome extension to act as the server and node.js server. The issue I've run into is that it seems is uses a random string. For example below are two "URLs" from two different projects I've built:



    My question is: That random string is important to the authorization chain I'm using with my Twitch integrated games... Is this string specific to each project, or will it change due to changing something in the project. I know it hasn't changed when I've changed the version, but it did change if I changed the name of the project. Does anyone know if it changes based off any other factors?

    The reason I ask, I have to set a return URL in the Twitch APP settings for my app to call, and it has to match 100% or else authentication fails. There's the double issue of the fact that the URL needs to start the game again. I need to make sure this doesn't change so I can set the return URL on the Twitch side and not worry that the whole thing will break when I compile and ship new versions.

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