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  • Hi all! How many objects as stand constructor, if you do the game on PC? Much more powerful than he Construct Classic? And is it possible to make a video of the game, as the video screen? If so, what video format should I use?

    P.S. I'm sorry for my English skills ...

  • Try keeping as low amount of objects as possible. Not sure how to answer to how much more powerful over CC C2 is. Is certainly more user friendly and stable.

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  • megatronx, thanks.

    I just want to create a game-type Tower Defense and do not know what the designer is better as the game will be probably a lot of objects (enemies), about 10-50. But I need a fairly powerful designer, would also like to insert a video intro of the game, and that's probably not Construct Classic. Is it possible to implement a video intro with JavaScript (Construct 2) or Python (Construct Classic)?

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