Some questions about Construct vs Clickteam fusion

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  • Hi

    Sorry I don't know this post is right place but it have some questions about power of Construct 2

    I use Clickteam Fusion at the moment.This program have some limitations and unfortunately there is not any news for fix them.Anyway, here is some questions about versus and special for construct:

    1) Fusion have Global editor and you can write into it and controls on frames (or layouts in C2). but unfortunately you can't access to groups or functions. Have C2 Global editor(similar to level editor)? and is it have same situation or not?

    2) In Fusion we have to copy all characters and all codes to another layouts for move between them.Even if we use behaviors we can't access to groups in new layout.How is it in C2?

    3) Fusion have Storyboard editor and we can see all layouts as a sheet and switch quick to them. I can't see this parameter in C2 . What can I do if we have many layouts? (More than 100 for example)

    4) What's limitation number of layouts? and What's limitation size of one layouts?

    5)In Android , Fusion can make OBB for large games ? Is it possible make it in Cordova output ?

    6)Have C2 ability for games more than 500mb of size? And Can we make huge games (large sizes) with it?

    Thanks a lot

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  • I will answered question number 2. In C2 you can choose what events (sheet of codes) will be run on that layout. Also An Event sheet can be combined with other event sheet by add 'include event sheet' and choose listed event sheets.

  • 1. In C2 you can have event sheets to control things globally - if that's what I think you ask for.

    2. What alextro said. You can have event sheets to set functionality for specific objects and simply include them where you need them.

    3. No. There is no visual representation of all layouts in the project. All of them are visible as a list in Projects panel window.

    4. There is no limit for layouts or layouts size.

    5. OBB, if you mean extension files (for games larger than 50MB) then XDK apparently is working on that.

    6. 500mb yes. Huge games... it depends what do you mean by huge game. Big layouts? Lots of textures?

  • Ok . Thanks a lot for quick reply. This community is really active.

    I tested 'include event sheet' and that was very nice.

    For 5 ) AFAIK Google play don't accept files larger than 50 MB . So some engines make data files as package like OBB for save graphics and animations and sounds and ...I don't know XDK Cordova can do it automatically or not.

    For 6) My mean of huge games is ability of Construct for make advance games. Similar to Limbo game .( I know Limbo used many shader and physics so I haven't expectation of C2 for complete simulate that )

  • 5. At this moment no. XDK is working on adding extensions for apks. There's a thread somewhere in the forum explaining this specifically.

    6. I will say yes, but it really depends on your abilities of using C2 into your advantage. Optimizations is always an issue with every game engine.

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