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  • Hi,

    since few days I searching for a Gamecreator Tool like GameMaker aso. Now I have found now I asking my self can we do the same staff like in Construct Classic like in the Game?

    Give it a way to change Backgrounds like in Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams after you change your Charakter the background has be changed with other sprites and a level transform?

    Or can we do round sprites (ramp) like in Sonic

    <img src="" border="0" />

    And what is with languages like in GameMaker, will be too in future?

    I hope you can answering my questions, thx



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  • Hey Sakura,

    There is a free download and trial :) why not try before you buy.

    You can basically do anything you want in 2d. For sonic like movement there is a couple of posts in the forum that you might want to seach for.

    It really depends on your experience how easy it will be to implement though. If its your first game you might wanna try something a little simpler.

  • I didnt want try to rebuild sonic it was only a question if it works or not not more :D But Iam trying atm check my new trouble topic sry iam a noob -.-

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