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  • So I've been playing around with a game using the Autorunner template and I've ran into an issue that I can't seem to figure out.

    This only happens after I export to my phone. When I tap the screen to jump, the game seems to stutter for a millisecond causing the layout to basically stop really quickly then resume moving. It's enough to notice the glitch, but not enough to ruin the game, but I'd still like it to not do it.

    Any ideas on why this is happen?

  • There's many reason for the glitches and stutters, but in most cases, it's a matter about optimization.

    You can check many things. Your sprites may be too big to handle on your mobile device, or your code is too inefficient, or etc. As I said, there's so many reason.

    Before jumping to mobile, search and read some tutorials and threads about mobile optimization.

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  • this happened because you maybe use font for display the info like the autorunner example, you need to use sprite font

    for that

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