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  • salam (hi all)...

    I'm using Construct2 for a while but I'm new on the forum, so pleased to meet you!!

    I have few questions about text in Construct?

    Ready? ok...

    1) When using "text object" is there a way to make text direction from Right to left?

    it's not the same as "Right" align.. it's only used for RTL languages like Arabic... the html code of it is:

    <K dir="rtl">this is right to left text!</k>

    2) I want to change colors of only few words in the text, is there a Plugin that offers That?

    I imagine it like maybe some "keyword" that changes the color of the rest of text like "/c[#]" to predefined color # (properties : define them in the editor).


    "This is Normal Color 0 text /C[1]This text with Color 1"


    This is Normal Color 0 text This text with Color 1

    waiting for your help... and thanks in advance

  • +1

    In my case, I use the text object(or spritefont) only for showing variables. I make additional sprites for non-variable messages or titles, etc.

    I think the text features(including spritefont) in C2 lack of supports about non-English languages. I also want to know if there's more simple way.

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  • For the colors, you can use the Tag-Text plugon by

    Unfortunately, it will not help you regarding the RTL.

    And yes, I too would love it if C2 will support RTL.

    Maybe we can ask rexrainbow to arrange for his plugin to also support RTL. That would be excellent!

  • shaircast

    Thank you very much for the replys...

    for the Tag plugin I might use it in the next version of my "Visual Novel" Engine:

    for now I'm now working on a game.. I found a way to make it without RTL (only works with that design).

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