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  • First of all i would like to say hi to all the members here.

    I recently buyed C2 to build a game and did a little play with it and have a few questions.

    How can i resize the the game to fit in my mobile screen?I am using Samsung galaxy 5 running android but i would prefer an universal fit.

    When i export the game with phonegap and install it on my device i notice some white line on the bottom of the screen.How can i remove them?

    Is there a way i can change the game icon to replace the default C2 icone?

    I added a music theme to my menu, so when the game is running the music starts to play, but when testing on actual device it does not.Any solution on this?

    If there are any video or other solutions available please let me know.

    Take care!


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  • Supporting multiple screen sizes tutorial.

    I'm not sure about the white line issue, but unless there's a specific reason why you chose PhoneGap, I'd suggest exporting to CocoonJS instead.

    Can't help you with those other issues, sorry.

  • Thanks for the reply.

    Well i want to export it as .apk for android to actouly install the game.When i exported as cocoonJS i exports some files that android cannot run.Am i duing something wrong with it?Appriciate the thread you gave me.

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