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  • Hey guys,im new to Construct 2 and im making a Mortal Kombat like game where you choose a creature and fight another creature...anyways,i have 3 questions currently thaat im hoping someone can help me with:

    1-When the player's character is spawned into the layout where the battle should happen,there are two of the same creature both controlled by the player eventhough there is only 1 sprite!

    2-How can I control the movement of the player...Cause when I try to jump the player's sprite flips around and lands on its head which is really akward and with some creatures,when i go back it also flips and walks on its head :P

    3-How can I give the opponent of the player a good AI system?I know construct 2 might not offer this but I just need basic stuff like walking towards the player and going back sometimes,and ofcourse firing at him :P

    Thanks in advance!

  • Update: I fixed the first problem which was the double spawning so dont mind that...Sowwy

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  • If you post a capX or a screenshot of the relevant code, you'll find someone here will help you with 2.

    For 3 I would set up a bunch of if/then type statements e.g. if distance to player > x then walk towards player, also you could use random to select which attack the bad guy uses.

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