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  • Sorry for posting multiple threads about this, but I need to figure out how to do this.

    1. How do i make savegames without the player having to press buttons. So far i have "On end of layout, save game to slot "mysave". But where do i use the load action?

    2. I'm using the PhoneGap IAP plugin and is it suppose to work in regular preview mode? If it is then i did something wrong. Thanks!

    3. This isn't really the place to ask this but i'm using Intel XDK and the emulate screen will not work. It says the message that i will be directed in 3 seconds and the screen just turns black. It does this in test mode too. Is there something i need to do before testing the game?

  • bump

  • Jeez. It's only been a couple of hours - have some patience.

  • about the 3 questions, when i exported my game to cordova or html 5 games it work in Intel XDX emulator, can you change the phone device in the emulator and see if the screen still black ?

  • Yeah androidpro i tried that, i think i'll just ask it in Intel XDX, it said something about having to change the file or something but i've tried it before and it worked. I uploaded it about 3 times, but it did the same thing each time. zenox98 All i did was comment so it would be higher up, why is that bad?

  • What format are you saving your save game data in(file and data structural)?

  • Less than 24 hours bumps on topics are not a correct way to act in these forums. That is bad in this way.

    As zenox said, be patient and do some search on your own as well.

    Also simply asking the same question over and over again is not the best way to get answers. If you did not get some in the original topic, perhaps you are just asking the wrong question.

    1. You don't give enough informations. According to your other previous topics on the subject you were already answered on the subject, and still are asking the very same thing.

    Either post a project with a detailed and precise explanation of what you are doing, what you expect the code to be doing and what you are actually experiencing.

    As far as I can tell, using the "On end of layout" and "On start of layout" events should do the trick. If not, post the capx of your project so it can be reviewed, don't just create duplicate threads of the very same "question".

    2. You should actually ask this question directly in the topic for this plugin.

    3. This blog article contains links to tutorials on how to export using the actually supported method with Construct 2. Be sure to also implement and respect the performance and memory usage tips on your application.

    In preview you should also be able to check for errors in your browser which will give directions and clues on what is going wrong.

  • Okay, i'm sorry zenox98 Kyatric , i saw a couple people do it so i thought it was okay, i didn't read the forum guideline page until now. The question about savegames was answered, but i still didn't know where to put the load action but i ended up using a different way and it worked, and the IAP one i didn't ask before. Anyway about the questions, i figured out the first two. gumshoe2029 , it's in zip format, i exported it from Construct 2 then i uploaded it to Intel XDX. I don't know if they changed something, but that's the way i normally do it and it always worked until now. I also asked in the Intel forums, nothing yet.

  • I don't think it is prudent to store raw savegame data in .zip. That means that your client has to unpack the file first before it can even use it.

    Typically you want to store savegame files either in some kind of raw text format either in XML or JSON.

    That said I don't work with IntelXKD and just use the raw HTML5 exporter with Construct.

    I don't use save files because I have database behind our client. If I did, I would save it to a specific location on the host server and reference it by AJAX URL. Sadly, I know next to nothing about the server architecture that Intel XKD is using, so I can't really help you much there.

  • Okay well, gumshoe2029 . androidpro i actually ended up using WebStorage to store it. But anyway, i actually don't think it's a problem with Intel anymore, but here's what i found, i think it's the way i exported it. The project i did that did worked in the emulator had the following files: plugins, www, icon, intelxdk.config.additions, license.md, readme.md, screenshot, trafficjam33.xdk, trafficjam33.xdke. While the project that didn't work had many other files, which i don't know if it was because of the plugins i added or not but that might be the problem. I'm new to Intel XDK too, but thanks for the help! Also i doubt this has anything to do with it, but it was a caproj, not a capx file.

  • firezombie444 Good to know. Thanks.

  • firezombie444 im having the same issue ... just get a black screen! what exactly did you do to get it working?

    (fyi - this is my 1st attempt at using xdk )

    thnx !

  • I still haven't got it working yet but i'm going to try copying everything into another file. Do you have index.html in your files? You need that for it to work in the emulator. Make sure you export it with Cordova too.

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  • firezombie444 i actually got it working!

    after exporting from construct2 via cordova i imported the project to the xdk (as per usual) and THEN

    in the drop down i selected Basic Canvas Game ..and in the version box next to it, i typed C2

    worked perfectly

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