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  • Ive done a search, Ive tried to implement it... yesterday I had it working in another test project but my char only Jumps in this one..

    Please tell me what Im doing wrong ;)

    thanks... Im a noob, but I did search for an answer.Ive tried the instructions to no availe

    Cheers in advance.. hopefully dropbox link works..

    having troubles uploading file just be a minute

  • We need a bit more information... are you making a platformer? Top-down? Something else? In any case, you probably should disable or change the standard controls and then use "Simulate Control" in your event sheet so you can make buttons have a lot more flexibility.

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  • mmm seems I don't have permissions to post links lol...

    rather silly considering I have a license and I have posted a game in the arcade previously. I understand that more info is needed, unfortunately if I cant post the capx file no-one will be able to help me.

    C-7....yes , could you give me a hint on disabling standard controls, I've looked but cannot find how to do that bit.


    maybe this will help

  • Disabling standard controls are easy. In this case, you just need to go to Player and go to its behaviors. On "Platform", set Default Controls to "no".

    The problem in your project is that you said "on pressed A" and "on pressed D". When you say "on pressed", it only returns once. It means that it doesn't matter if I continue to hold the key down, it will only do an action when the key is pressed.

    What you should do is to change it do "keyboard" -> "key is down" -> your key. Then it works as expected.

  • Thankyou very much Martiny, for both explanations.

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