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  • Hello, I've created a stupid game which can be described as somekind of an interactive "youtube poop" generator.

    The game plays videos in the background and the players can input commands to spawn various craps and effects on the foreground.

    For the time being the videos have been inserted in the project as webm and mp4 files, but I'd prefer to let the players chose freely the videos they want by selecting links on youtube or dailymotion for example.

    More than a video game, this project is somekind of a video player which allows to destroy the videos by spawning nonsensical sprites, sounds, etc...

    So I'd like to know if there's some way to allow the player to copy youtube links, paste them in a text-box (or anything) ingame (not by inserting them in the project files or code) and then play the videos on repeat in the background to poop on them freely.

    Yeah I know this project is stupid ... but even when you do crap you gotta do it right I guess ...

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