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  • Game is running and when i touch screen i want to create an object in this place, how do this?

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  • Thanks :) i try first on my browser and its works when i click mouse too

  • yes because of the property "Set mouse input" of the touch object.

    Check the manual and the how do I FAQ (as usual).

  • Hi.Everybody. I registered a couple of minutes ago and I have a critical question. Since I want my games to be played in touchscreem smart phones and tables(also on desktops). I don't understand how to "set its Use mouse input property to Yes (it's No by default)". This post was called "Touch controls and a trick to detect input method". In this post and don't see the steps how to get this task from no by default to yes. I have looked it and I don't see how to set mouse input property to yes.Another questions I have. In this same post for touch.It says you create and event: Touch=>is touching=>rightarrow=>player=>simulate=>8direction pressing right. so, if I want a left,up and down arrows to work I have to make 3 more conditions for the remaining arrows? Take into account I don't have iphone nor ipad yet for testing and I have construct 2 free version. Some help also regarding how to make and conprehend the easiest way to create events and conditions. Thanks

  • Aioria7 - click the Touch object in the Project Bar. Its properties show in the Properties Bar and you can change the setting there.

    You are right, you need four events to simulate each key direction. I would highly recommend making sure you have a device to test on though, since you cannot possibly publish to the app store without checking it works first.

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  • Thanks a lot. I finally find it,very important the input mouse property to yes.Why not set this property by default to yes,since touchsmartphones are common today? 2)There's any game,pictures or video that shows a real game made with construct 2 where the player shows is touching the screem of an iphone or table while handling the 4 arrow keys. Is it required to create a 4 sprite arrow keys objects in order to play on a touch smartphone. I have seem other games where these 4 sprites arrow keys are not there. The player just touch the screem and that's it movement come.3)I also have seem here in some posts that is recommended to just use one sound or track for a game.Either you use the background track for the game without the sounds for the game itself or you just use the sound for the game like when you jump,shoot,or get new achievement in a game without the background sound. It's better a game with the two sounds:the background music for the entire level,and the sounds for jumps,killstreaks,new, regarding sounds what is the best to do for a well constructed commercial game made with construct 2? Thanks

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