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  • <font face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif"><font size="2">Hello! First than all, thanks for reading my post!

    I'm doing a little game so I can practice and get familiarized with construct2. I'm using sprites from a Castlevania mobile game just for practice purposes.

    The problem is regarding those tiles and sprites. Lemme explain my questions:

    1) I found a sprite sheet with all the animations of the character ( I cut a section of it (the walking animation section, so I could use it as the animation when my object "Player" begins to move (doing the same steps as the platform game tutorial). The problem is that when I try to import it as an animation, it gets it all wrong (

    How can I fix it, so that when I import the sprite strip, constuct2 will recognize all of the sprites? Do they need to be at the same distance? How could I do it, is there a program or something? I'm noob at this! I need to know, because in a future I'll have my own sprites and animations and I want to know how to correctly import them!

    2) I want to use some parts of this image as tiles for the floor ( How can I do this?

    Million thanks again for reading my post! I hope you can help me!</font></font>

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  • 1) The sprites must be at an exact range from each other, and each sprite must have its own box. Because here, they are at the same distance from each other, but if you put a grid in your sprite sheet, your sprites will not be in the grid. First, you must find the sprite that is the highest, measure its height and find a sprite with the longest width, and measure its width.All that stuff you measured is the height and width of the box in which each sprite will be in.

    2) Use Photoshop and cut out the tiles

    3) You better use Castlevania 4 sprites

    Good Luck.

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