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  • Hello

    I have a sound issue with my android app. A little bit hard to explain in english... Hope somebody will understand anyway :

    A soundtrack ("theme") starts when the menu layout starts.

    In this menu layout, there is several buttons going to other layouts. Of course, when the user want to go back to the menu, the music should not start twice. So I did this :

    But in fact it's only working when the game is offline. I mean, if the system opens a new window or connect with google play leaderboards, once coming back to the menu layout, the system starts the sound a second time. I have no idea what to do... Does somebody know a better expression for that ?

    Thanks !

  • You can solve it with a Variable

    Variable "MusicTheme" = 0

    At Start of Layout ->

    Subevent 1 -> Variable "MusicTheme" = 0 -> another Subevent-> System: Trigger once while True (only when you can´t add "Trigger once while True" at the "Subevent 1" as another condition)-> Play "Theme" + Set Variable "MusicTheme" to 1

    Subevent 2 -> Variable "MusicTheme" = 1 -> leave empty (it means: do nothing - The "Theme" from first Variable will play without a new "Theme" Music)

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  • It's working, thank you !

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