Question regarding platformer resolution PC/Ipad/Galaxy

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  • Hi everyone, long time no write, life had me occupied and had to take a break from Construct 2, happens

    I intend on starting to design a platformer, for PC and for tablets. I have a question regarding resolution, and I would really appreciate any input.

    I have been scratching my head for some time now regarding what resolution it would be best for me to start with. Ideally I would like to focus on Ipad and Samsung Galaxy note regarding tablets, as for PC I'm not too sure what res I should go with, either 1280x720 or 1920x1080. I remember reading somewhere a while back that 1920x1080 was not supported by Construct? Or was that just my imagination?

    How should I go about this in order to have the least work when transitioning from PC to tablet. I'm guessing to start with a resolution for PC and then work my way from there. Any input would be great, especially from users that have managed to design a game for both PC and tablet, as well as any other users that can shed some light on this matter.

    Thanks a lot,



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  • I have found some materials regarding my issue, if anyone was wondering the same that I was. ... 758095146/

    Time to dive in and look how it goes.

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