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  • So, I'm approaching the stage in my gamekit where I'm implementing dungeon mechanics and I'm curious of performance in the context of a large map like a dungeon or or town. Say, the dungeon map size is about maybe within the range of 1500x2300 or so, give or take a few hundred pixels.

    Does particularly large layout size have any impact on performance? I don't think it should at least not in the context of overly excessive sizes but I just want to be sure. Also if any of these methods are the best to go with, performance wise.

    A) Just have the whole dungeon as a large tilemap

    B) Like above except if there are any extra floors beyond F1, have them as their own separate tilemaps (expecting of course, they're bigger than 500x500 or something, if not, no reason to separate them)

    C) have each dungeon room as it's own individual layout...probably slightly marginally better for performance if you go excessive but has the design issue of clutter if you're sloppy with organization/names. Also unless I can get my custom camera system to play nice, this is also better to restrict camera view to a single room.

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  • Layout size is not important but images on it do matter:

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