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  • Hi there,

    I have a question regarding the Window Size of a project. Foolishly I only found about this property after months of using construct 2. My project is well advanced but now I'm concerned about the fact I'm still using the "original" window size of 854x480 (with Letterbox Scale when fullscreen).

    To add to the complexity, at some point in the project (months ago already) I decided to zoom out a bit, thus game layers are scaled at 0.75 in the eventsheets on start of layout. UI layers (parallax 0,0) are not scaled however.

    I'd never noticed this property before, nor felt the use for it, since everything works just fine even when I'm in full screen mode...

    I'm considering changing the Window Size to a more common 1600x900 now, but it would imply a LOT of work to resize ALL my sprites. Would it really be useful ?

    1200x675 (still 16:9 proportions) could also be possible, because game layers would be less affected (854x480 with a 0.75 scale are already an artificial 1138x640) so I'd mainly have to resize UI elements.

    I have 3 choices then.

    • Keep the original 854x480 size and keep scaling back some layers to 0.75
    • Move to 1600x900 window size (I'll have to rework everything)
    • Move to 1200x678 window size (I'll just have to rework the UI)

    Tell me what do you think I should do, and what difficulties I'd be facing if I keep my actual window size. Thanks for reading !

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  • My tip would be to have some people play the project and ask them their opinion on the graphics - if the general consensus is that they're too blurry/don't look high enough quality then consider resizing. Otherwise, if users are happy with them then where's the benefit of spending loads of time changing them?

    Bear in mind that resizing the assets is going to up your download size and memory hit.

  • Hey Mekonbekon ! Thanks for your reasonable advice. I think you're right : if it's not broken, don't fix it. Nobody ever criticized the definition, so why bother ? ^^

    I think I just needed to hear that to go on. See you

  • Glad to have helped

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