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  • Hey guys,

    i think i read the most important topics about memory usage in construct by now, and i'm aware what is using the most of it and how to prevent massive usage.

    There's just one thing i'm still not sure about animations.

    My character animations like moving, standing etc. are all using about 15-20 frames.( I used to use about 30 frames, so the animation was smooth, but for sake of memory usage, i reduced them). Each frame picture got around 10 kb.

    Now if i load them into construct, memory usage raises very fast. Everytime i export them from spriter, i'm gonna resize them as small as possible, so they still look good in my 1920x1080 sized project. In construct i'm croping them all. Still it's taking quite a bit of memory.

    Now my real problem is, i got a looot of animations for each character and enemy and in the end i'm gonna have lots of characters too.

    1.Question: Am i overlooking something to keep smooth animations, even with like 15-20 frames?

    2.Question: If the memory usage tells me, it's using let's say 300 mb. Does that mean it's using that the whole game, or just for the layout.

    Btw:My approximately downloadsize is about 30 mb by now, while my memory usage is about 300 mb. The backgrounds don't use that much of memory, it's just the animations, which are all already downsized to the limit of an acceptable look.

    Maybe somebody can light up my mind a bit

  • Wasnt there a thing where Downsizing the original picture files or resizing for the matter actually cause more memory usage.

    I dont remember if it from like say copy n paste art and then resizing it or on layout already and then resized.

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  • Each frame picture got around 10 kb.

    Sounds like excellent image compression to me..

    What size are they uncompressed?

  • As Littlestain alludes to - compressing images is only of any use to the download size. C2 still has to uncompress them back into BMP in order to render them to the canvas.

    Here is a previous post with a lot more info:

    Memory usage

  • LittleStain Not sure about that, cause i'm compressing them directly from my editing software.

    zenox98 Ok i'm gonna read that thread, maybe it helps me understand things a bit better.

    Thank you guys for your answers!

  • Long animations do eat up a lot of memory - you have to just make them use fewer or smaller frames to reduce that, or use something else entirely like Spriter animations.

    The estimated memory usage is for the largest layout, since C2 only loads a single layout at a time to reduce the peak memory usage. It's also based almost entirely on the image memory, so it should be regarded as a minimum - sounds, logic and other OS and browser features will go on top of that.

  • Ashley Actually i am using SpriterPro and i'm already exporting them there as small as possible, just so they dont look pixelated in my game. Btw, maybe i should mention that i'm doing a PC game, not a mobile game.

    Thanks for your answer Ashley!

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