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  • Hello all,

    I am new to construct 2, but I love it. I have a small problem. I want to make a freeway clone. Freeway was an atari 2600 game from the eighties.

    A chicken had to make it from the bottom of the screen to the top while avoiding cars. The problem I am haveing is I dont know how to make the cars come from left to right from off the screen and then keep coming in their line of traffic. I have all the sprites the background, this is the only issue i cannot figure out. I know if i could get one car to work, I could just clone it to other parts of the screen. Anyone have any idea's.

    thanks in advance,


  • Spawn a car from time to time and make the car have the BULLET behaviour. By setting it's angle (0 -> and 180 <-) they will move.

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  • or

    car: Set X to self.X+a*dt

    a in this case is amount of pixels per second

    if you set

    car: Set X to self.X+100*dt - car will move 100 pixels per second

  • Thanks for all the help, but I admit I still dont understand. I want say 7 cars that scroll vertical across the screen at random times, but I also want them coming at random from left and right also. So there is 7 lanes of traffic the car sprites only travel vertical in their lane, but I want them at random times and random player not knowing if they are coming from left or right.

  • Maybe this:


    Global "random"

    Every tick: set random to rand(20)

    Compare values: tickcount%5 = random

    -> Create "Car" at ((rand(3)%2) * 100, rand(6)*10)


    I guess this is a simple way of randomizing time... if you change rand(20) to something higher, it will be less likely to happen

    (rand(3)%2) * 100 will create the car either at left or right

    rand(6)*10 is to create the car randomly at 7 different Y positions with 10 pixels between them

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