Question about drag n drop !!

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  • Hi, i'm playing around with this wonderful piece of software and i LOVE it.

    One question !!!

    Is there an easier way to make a drag and drop than the way i have done:

    Made a global numeric variable and set it to 0.

    Set sprite position to mousex and mousey if global var is 1

    If sprite clicked set global var to 1

    if mouse up set global var to 0

    Cheers !!

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  • That's basically how I do that, but instead of using a global variable, I use an instance variable BOOLEAN typed.

    so basically

    on left click on sprite : selected to True

    [NOT] left mouse down : selected to False

    if selected : follow the mouse

    Also I add an offset calculation to avoid the sprite to snap on the mouse position. For that I use 2 instance variable xOffset and yOffset

    on left click on sprite :

        Sprite selected = True

        Sprite xOffset = self.X - Mouse.X

        Sprite yOffset = self.Y - Mouse.Y

    if [NOT] left mouse down : selected to False

    if selected :

        set X to Mouse.X+self.xOffset

        set Y to Mouse.Y+self.yOffset

    Oh and my way works with multiple instances, yours don't.

    Cheers too o/

    Oh and... The title of your topic has nothing to do with what you asked

  • Thank you for your reply.. I will try it your way.

    And about the topic.. Darn..

    I edited the post but forgot to edit the topic...

    Cheers !!!

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