Question about CocoonJS Launcher.

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  • I wanted to know how reliable are the performance of games when testing on CocoonJS Launcher?

    I've used CocoonJS Launcher to test my game on the phone, for the most part it runs OK but there seems to be some slight lag and a couple of glitches when testing on the app that i don't get on my PC.

    I understand my PC is a lot more powerful so it'll run much better but it's kind of difficult to work out why it lags and why there are some glitches when using the Launcher.

    I've managed to bring my memory usage down to 10.4mb from 20mb, which seems reasonable so i was hoping that the game would be running smoothly on the phone.

    Are these occuring because i'm running the game through the app? Will the performance get better once i finish compiling the game on the Ludei website?

    I've tested the game through Intel's App Preview and the performance on that is much worse than with CocoonJS so i'm hoping it's just the CocoonJS Laucher app thats causing this and that it'll work better when it's compiled.

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  • CocoonJS is really hit or miss when it comes to Construct 2. Some games will perform perfectly without any problems in the launcher but when they are exported they become laggy and unresponsive, while other games have the opposite problem. The only way to know for sure would be to compile your game and try it out!

    For reference, I just tested one of my games that I just released and I'm using over 33mb of memory and 6% of my CPU but it runs at 60fps on my phone using both CocoonJS and Intel XDK.

  • Try exporting it. That will give you a better idea of how it will preform as an actual app.

  • Thanks for the replies, hopefully once i compile the game the issues will iron out and run fine.

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