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  • How do I make that if I touch the question block on top, I don't get coins, while if I touch the bottom, I get coins?

  • I don't know what "question block" is, I assume it's a sprite.

    If its origin point is in the middle, you can do this:

    On touched object Block

    Block compare Y < Touch.Y : (give coins)

  • I can't find "On touched object "Name"" in the keyboard collision settings, but I can find "Is overlapping another object", "Is overlapping at offset", and "On collision with another object". Is that good enough? Also, I'm not working on a mobile version. It is entirely made by keyboard and mouse support.

    Also, I meant touch by if I jump on the top I don't get coins, and bottom jump is to get coins. Sorry for the confusing information about touching..

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  • Ok, then compare Y of your character sprite with Y of your block sprite.

    If character.Y is greater than block.Y, then it's below block center and you can give coins.

    You can do it in "Character->On collision with Block" event.

  • Ok. ok. ok. ok. I don't know how to interpret this code. Why? Because I can't find a Compare X/Y as a action. If I can't do that, Then it is confusing to me. and HOW do I interpret "Is overlapping "mstio" - Compare Y-"??? It is ONLY a event. Do I need a extra object to make this plausible??? If so, what object? XML? Local storage? FUNCTION????

    This is not helping me.

    I'm not dumb, or stupid, or ret***ed, I just don't know yet because I haven't been with this program for one year.

  • I know you are just teaching me. Thanks.

  • Here is the link to the game: ... ct-2-22399

    See the problem? I'm trying to figure out how to make it so when I jump on the bottom, I get coins, and when I jump on top of it, I get none. The reason why I'm doing this is because I been told there was a glitch.

    It said, "2) I can literally touch the top of a box and get coins. This shouldn't happen."

  • It is quite obvious you do not yet understand the Event system, and the difference between a Condition and an Action.

    For instance, 'Compare' is a Condition, not an Action.

    My recommendation is to read the manual and do one or two of the 'Top' tutorials. This will give you a much greater understanding of how the Event system works.

    Frustration is inevitable at the beginning, so please don't lose heart.

    BTW you can edit your post with the 'pencil' icon, rather than making multiple posts.

  • So you have published games on the Arcade and yet you have absolutely no idea how they work? Lol

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