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  • I want to show my admob interstitial everytime my game goes to the gamover screen. As of right now, it only works on the first game over. Any subsequents "game overs", the interstital doesn't show up anymore. The game needs to be restarted in order for it to show up again and only happens again on the first game over.

    Does google/admob allow this? I was just wondering. I really don't want the ad to be intrusive anyway. Or, I'm not coding it properly in construct 2? Please see my screen shot below. Appreciate any help in this. Thanks in advance.

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  • It looks like either PlayIsDead isn't a global variable or it's a text global. I don't see where you change the variable from "false" to "true". I would specifically make an action where it changes the playerIsDead text from "true", back to "false", not just a reset global variable action.

    Haven't tried it out myself yet, but let me know.

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