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  • Sorry for my English,

    i need to make a game. Game has a table (6*4), in bottom left square is start and in top right square is finish. With your character you need to come frome start to finish by jumping to islands. This islands are changing. On table there is always 8 islands. When they are visible you can jump on them, if they are not visible you die and it is game-over. This 8 islands are visible for randome amounts of time (5-10 seconds). When one become invisible there on other place one become visible for randome amount of time.

    I already made start and finish and table. My character move in four directions, i just need to add this.

    Thanks for your help.

  • And how would I add a function, which will make possible to make visible three diffrent types of islands with other fuctions (like island without water - you need to stay on it for 3 seconds)

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  • That sounds like all of the logic for the game? Start with the manual and the tutorial levels and learn some C2. You are looking at spawning islands I guess which is just creating sprite objects, choosing what type to spawn. All easily done. Maybe break down exactly what you want into specific questions so it's easier to answer.

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