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  • ok so I am making a rpg topdown game and i got the dialogue done and I want to know how to do the quest system.

    Such as this If i want a max quest of say five. how would I go about to limit it instead of messing up with a bug where you can get 6 and the last one just disappear.

    and how would or rather the correct way to store Quest log in. This part is confusing to me.

    I mean i figure it would have a control check before fully accepting the quest. Also I kinda want a system where you can dynamically accept quest in your own order of event. How would i go about to do that ?

  • You have given a very general description of your system. There are many ways you can go about it. Have you tried any approach yet? Are you having any problems with anything specific?

    In general, I can only give you the advice that everything is up to you to define Conditions (IF THIS), Actions (THEN DO THIS), and Variables (data storage). For example, you could have an event that says "if your current quest amount is less than 5, then accept quest". Then if the current quest amount is 5 , then this event won't run and the player won't be able to accept the quest.

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  • Ok to be more specific how would i go about storing the quest in a sense of what been done and what been completed And to go along that Id like to know what the best way to use a quest log in relation?

    And id would hate to use like a thousand variable just for a few quest. Id like to do something like this Store it in a dictionary like a function so that the quest can be temporary store as to "what the quest has ask" to be done and turn in and then reduce the quest variable to just be "completed". Do i need to go more specific. This part is very new to me in a sense of proper quest logging.

    And last question is there a some sort of easy way into doing this so that it can act on its own without specific instruction for every detail ?

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