How do I make a Q&A game based on sprites?

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  • 1. I'm trying to make a Q&A game based on sprites, I mean i show the user one sprite and he has to know which the answer is, he answers by moving another sprite into the center.

    I know that traditional Q&A games could be made by using arrays, but i think this is not the case.

    2. Furthermore, i have another problem because the answer must be maded by mixing sprites, i need to know if there is a way that a "relation" between two or more sprites can be made in order of getting the answer.

    I'm not looking for a very specific answer about this but only some help in roder of knowing in which way should i look for the answer.


  • I can't work out what your game is meant to do but try using instance variables on sprites. If you need some more help then you'll have to draw it out, I don't know what you are trying to describe.

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  • Hey! Thanks for your reply.

    In the Red square you have the question, thats ok for now.

    Suppose that the user has to drag each sprite from the bottom to the Blue square, maybe he has to use more that one sprite to make the answer.

    Coding the answer one by one was very dificult, y was hoping if there is a way of making a list (a dictyionary would be perfect i think) of the questions (formed by sprites) and the answers (also formed by sprites).

    Any help of how i can make the best code for this is helpful!

    Thanks for your time and sorry for not being able to be clearer.

  • To be clearer, simply post a copy of your project in its current state.

    You answered your question in your first post : arrays.

    If you want some "database relationship" arrays and dictionaries are the way to go.

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