(Q3D)How to make plane models visible?

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  • So what I am aiming to do is replicate the way NDS pokemon games look, so I decided to try out the 3D plugin for C2. I've only used it for an hour and the handful of tutorials that are available didn't address my issue. I've been playing with random models I have found on the net and C2 seems to be able to render them just fine, but when I imported the most basic shape ever, a plane, I couldn't make it visible on the screen. I had thought that it's probably just under the floor or at an angle in which I wouldn't be able to see it, but no matter what I tried, I just couldn't make it visible.

    I made a little test with a thicker model that also rotates and it seems to be working just fine (although it's still diving under the floor which irritates me).

    I know not a whole lot of people have tried out (or even heard) about Q3D, but is there anybody that has had a similar experience to this before?

    Here is the .capx I've been testing on. ''test.obj'' is the thicker model that works, and ''plane.obj'' is the one that doesn't.

    dropbox (dot) com/s/60j22ibswn4mia3/3Dtest.capx?dl=0

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  • I have never been able to understand how Q3D work.

    Maybe see textures.

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