Puzzle Game performance on Mobile.

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  • I have a puzzle game based off the template in C2.

    Blocks fall from the sky and stack up, you break them and new ones fall.

    Super simple idea.

    I loaded the game onto an iPhone 4s, a samsung galaxy S III and a Nexus 5.

    The iPhone and Galaxy s III ran pretty poorly, with ~5 FPS to 25. The nexus 5 was fine at 60.

    Some info about the game, I will try and post a zip somewhere...

    I have a good number of physics objects in there, 64x64px blocks, that have physics enabled. Somewhere around 40-50 at one time. This is the issue hands down. No question.

    I have tried reducing the physics iterations, this leads to math/physics problems on certain devices, blocks overlapping, just being generally ugly. Nothing stacks nicely it just becomes a jumble mess.

    I tried reducing the number of objects from ~40-50 to about 20-30, that only improved slightly, but still getting sub 10 FPS while things are in motion.

    I am looking for suggestions on this.

    I'm open to the following.

    1) Scraping the entire physics concept, moving to a less CPU intensive mechanic.

    2) Tweaking perf in different ways

    3) Trying other tools besides CocoonJS.

    If you want to replicate this. Take the default physics puzzle game, and do a grid of 7x8.








    Each time you touch a block and it is destroyed, make a new one at that X and Y-1000 or something. Basically, each block you smash, it makes one off screen to fall in place. Deploy this using CocoonJS to an older phone and see how it goes...

  • My only idea is that you could do some collision dissabling via a loop that checks if they are near to eachother.. Have you tried that?

    Im having a similar problem, this solution only worked a bit. So im looking for optimization tips too!

  • Physiscs is and will be very CPU intensive..

    Have you tried all 3 physics-engines? (you can set the engine in your project-properties)

  • CocoonJS Native physics dosnt work anymore.. Not through CocoonJS compiler, anyway.

    Box2D is slow, both of them.

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  • So is the basic answer you just can't do it? I've optimized it over and over. I even REMOVED the physics part. I do it all by hand now with just math and moving blocks. It doesn't look as good but it works.

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