Put TXT information into variables when a sprite its created

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  • I have a big list of names with age, type and level information,, i want to create 1 object with those information in variables, i don't know how to put those information in variables without creating many sprite object outside layout, maybe i need to use an array but i don't know how to use it in this case, and with the array creator how i can import 500 or more information to the cells without doing all this work manually? i have this list in a txt file, please give me ideas, i dont want to create 500 sprites outsite layout of course, i just want to put those names, age, type and levels in variables when the monster is created and i want to created those monsters for level, for example create 10 monsters level 1. etc..

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  • Text file=>Array=>Instace variables


  • Text file=>Array=>Instace variables


    Thank you for your help!! because i am dumb in programming i just use this tool: http://www.textmechanic.com/ to transform my .txt file to the c2 json format then i will understand more my code in construct 2, i will read now a lot of tutorials about arrays to try put the values of the array in the variables, thanks for your capx example, now i can understand more how to do this.

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