I Want To Put These Two Examples Together :D

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  • Hello to all you Construct Wizards out there!

    So I pretty much want to put the events from TEST B into TEST A(infinite runner)..Simple enough right?

    But every time I try to put the events from test B into test A, it does not allow me for some reason.

    Thanks Everyone!

  • Hi,

    to copy the events from your B project to A project you need the same objects. In A project I couldn't find PlatformB object and text object with name Text. Also you will need to add your global variable jump_number from your B project to your A project.

    Hope it will help

  • hey I tried to change the objects but it does not work...

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  • Really not at all difficult.

    Copy globals from B to A.

    Copy Objects from B to A.

    Copy Events from B to A.

    See attached.

  • try to move one condition by one and one action by one to see which one is not accepted

  • Jophiel

    If it's your intention to make use of the logic from one .capx in the other, then just copying across all the objects and events is pointless.

    Is this what you require?

    If so, then even if you make sure that both .capx use the same Layout/Layer structure and names, and all the objects and variables from both have matching names, then the Event logic from one would still not probably make sense if just copied across from one to the other.

    The Events would need to be understood and carefully integrated, maybe as extra conditions or sub-events. This would not necessarily be an easy task.

    Is this what you mean by copying from one to the other?

    If so, I hope you see that it generally won't be as easy as just copying from one to the other.

  • Jophiel

    Hey, yes, that is exactly what I want! I have been trying to understand the events to implement it into the infinite runner example, but when I get to the second line(event number 2),It does not allow me to add those events..any ideas sir?

    Thank you for your time

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