How do I put twice same object in ragdoll, in layout

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  • Hie,

    How can i put the same enemy in rag doll( physics) , twice or more in the same layout?

    From now, when i clone my enemy, and preview the layout, it's just like a hurrican of body parts hurting every thing in circle..


  • Sounds like you should learn more about object types and instances possibly.

    Otherwise, I'm afraid the description you gave is too vague and completely tied to your project for anyone to answer without seeing the project.

    Consider posting your capx and giving a precise explanation of what you are attempting to do, what events/settings you used to do so, what you actually experience.

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  • Thank you Kyatric. Here's more precise explanation :

    When i clone my object (ctrl drag), i launch the preview and it goes fine.

    The probleme i have is when those objects i clone are created with limited revolute joints. Then it goes crazy on preview..

    some part of these body are controled by sines. Those part are the only ones acting ok. the rest of the body is turning around fastly in a mess and limited revolute joints seems to be broken.

    This happens only when this object has been cloned, otherwise i works ok.

  • I do believe you may need to instantiate your events properly, from what you told us I gather you've cloned the object, but never changed the events to work for each specific instance, but rather have it affect all of them at once. Which is what Kyatric seems to be telling you. hence the request for a *.capx (File > Save As Single File) so he (or someone else) can see what you've done exactly, and point you in the right direction.

  • Man it's too big to post. Indeed i made only one event for two same objects.

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