How do I put timer for all 10 levels

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  • Hi everyone, how can i put timer for all 10 levels? like 30 mins for all 10 levels. I already know timer for each level but how to put timer for all 10 levels. I really appreciate help.

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  • How did you do the timer for each level? Why can't you use the same method for 10 levels?

    You can create a global variable StartTime, set it to time on start of level 1, and add this event:

    Compare global variable StartTime<(time-6000) -> (game over)

    The problem with using global variable is that you'll have to adjust its value when player pauses the game.

    Or you can start a timer for 6000 seconds on some global object. Timer is a better option.

  • i have a timer for each level, but it is not i want, i dont know how to continue the remaining time of level1 to continue in level2, do you have teamviewer to check it out

  • I told you how in my previous comment - either with a global variable or with Timer on a global object.

    Create a sprite, set "Global=yes", put it off-screen on level 1, add Timer behavior, start timer for 6000 seconds.

    You'll have much better chances to get help if you post your code here, preferably capx.

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