Put a sprite on top an istance of google maps

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  • Hi there,right now i'm struggling with putting a sprite on top of a instance of google maps,i'm using the plugin from the author *rex*

    and not the official one that comes with construct...the sprite in question desappears when previewing even thoug i put it on top of the google map window,i know that i could use a static version of the map but is there a way to do this without it?(i mean,canvas *object*+ google map static *behavior*) thanks a lot for the help!

  • Most browser elements (like text boxes, text labels, lists, etc) will always appear on top of canvas objects.

    This is by design of HTML5, and Construct 2 can't bypass this unfortunately.

    I'm assuming that the Google maps plugin is using the same UI drawing elements.


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  • thanks for the reply..so i need to stick with the snapshots..ok thanks for everything :3

  • No worries.

    I've come un-stuck a few times with these very same issues... you have to be tricky with it. I find using the canvas plugin made by one of the R-Wizards (rojo or rex - I can never remember who made that thing) to replace the elements on the page when I need to draw something over the top.


  • so what are u saying is..that if i put the canvas object on top of google maps i can put sprites on top of it and the will be visible?

  • You'd have to use canvas to take a capture of the map, then hide the actual map plugin and have canvas in it's place... then you can draw sprites on top of the canvas plugin.

    Basically you use the maps plugin as an off-screen buffer and draw it to the canvas plugin.

    It's been a while since I used canvas for stuff like this, but that was the jist of the method to use.


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